The Enola Group Management Team

 Louis Pugh,  Executive Director   Email:   Office Phone:  828-604-4906 ext 450 or Cell:  (828) 275-8077

 Pam Hollar,  Finance Director   Email:  Phone: 828-604-4906 ext 451

 Karin McDaniel.,  Adult Service Director  Email:  Phone:  828-604-4906 ext 455

 Linda Wilson,  Early Head Start Director  Email:  Phone:  828-475-0107 ext 472



 Crystal McKinney, Program Coordinator EHS Burke  Email:  Phone:  828-475-0107

 Sherry Pendergrass, Program Coordinator EHS Caldwell   Email:  Phone:  828-757-8632

 Dawn Curtin,  Program Coordinator EHS Alexander   Email:  Phone:  828-635-1479

 Tosha Watson, ERSEA / Outreach Specialist  Email: Phone:  828-757-8632

 Lisa Dean, Health and Disability Services Coordinator  Email:  Phone:  828-757-8632


 Liz Curtis, Director Signature Services  Email:  Phone:  828-433-0056

 Marlene Cooper, Coordinator Training and Credentialing  Email:  Phone: 828-604-4906 ext 453

 Elizabeth Holloway, Coordinator Signature Day  Email:  Phone:  828-433-0056


Angela Bumgarner,  EHS Executive Assistant  Email:  Phone:  828-604-4906 ext 456

 Glenda Hatton, Purchasing/Payroll Support  Email:  Phone: 828-604-4906 ext 454

 The Enola Group  506 East Union  P.O. Box 250  Morganton, NC 28680-0250 Phone: (828) 604-4906  Fax: (828) 433-5520